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Daily Haiku - WTF Not?

Gifting writers' block /
Desert sun in the winter /
Maybe Tucson trip? //


I'd love to (re)quote the posts that inspired my responses, but for the sake of brevity these were responses to comments from people whining and nitpicking the finale of Battlestar Galactica. In most cases, it was from people bashing the entire series because they didn't like the way the ending played out. Kinda brings to mind the state of mind of a guy who marries a hooker, then complains when her breath smells "funny" Spoilers below.

To B.K.

*** Data Stream Update***
Insert code for Cylons assigned to police detail to differentiate between suspects and bystanders...

A Cylon may not injure a [lawful] human being or, through inaction, allow a [lawful] human being to come to harm.
A cylon must obey orders given to it by [lawful]human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
A cylon must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

*** End Update ***
Now just substitue "worthy", "religious", "truthful", or "harmless" for "lawful" and see what human qualifies for protection. Did I miss something, or did we lose the art of nit-picking along with resurrection technology?

By Nohari at 10:30 PM ON 03/31/09

Re: Abandoning Technology
I also served in the Navy, on the closest thing to a space ship available today, in the most "sciencey" division on board and I'm here to tell you that I'd have NO problem whatsoever with pitching a tent and living off the land if it meant I didn't have to get shot at by an enemy that looks like my best mate, or a walking toaster. Where any whistling sound might be the end of your breathable air, or just an influx of poisonous atmosphere. When the act of touching real air and land requires the proper execution of several technologically unrelated objects, rather than just rolling over and opening your eyes... but I digress.

I've found an interesting dichotomy between the "hard-core" sci-fi fans and the fans of the drama of the series. Amazing how so many people use technology to transport themselves to a "simpler" world (WoW and SCA fans, I'm looking dead at you) but rail against the ending presented here. Simply put, technology is never the final answer to the problem or the story, it's about the decisions of the people who use it, or choose not to.

Case in point: You can't remove all the technology from the planet and NOT run the fleet into the sun. No raptors = (primative) civilization. 1 raptor or ship = Overlord. It's human nature. If Apollo made the decision by fiat, then good. He was the only person in the entire show that didn't fail his principles when in command (or have we forgotten Adama's early coup?) so he deserved to make the call. Not that I didn't have my own reservations... What about the Centurions? Maybe they come back, maybe they have their own civil war. Maybe they become the Borg. They've got 152,000 years to get there. See Trekkers, I've included you. Thank me later.

Now about those other nit-picks:
Adama isn't building a cabin to live in, he's building a cabin to DIE in...
Galactica herself, the fleet, and the skinjob cylons all die. Kara Thrace, mission accomplished...
Dualla's particular reason for offing herself isn't as important as the fact that she represents others in the fleet who lost hope after finding Frakked Earth (Remember the line: "Suicides in the fleet are UP")...
Cavil did what every uber-control freak does when he's lost control. He made a snap decision to quit on his terms. Remember, he's the one who made the other cylons think that the original five were actually the final five, then worked over their memories and ran all sorts of schemes. He just HAD to be the one to announce that the occupation of the colonies was over...
As for you SF military geniuses: I know what happened to Pegasus was a bit whack, but it was WAYYYY cool-looking. And before anyone asks: NO: We didn't sign up to watch "Battlestar Pegasus" and more importantly: You couldn't swap the nameplates and make the Pegasus the "new" Galactica unless the "old" Galactica had already been lost. Anything else is a slap in the face of Naval tradition (I'm looking at you NCC-1701-D).


How about that Daily Haiku

Just letting everyone know that the Daily Haiku will return, whether you like it or not... to Twitter!

I'm trying to decide if I wanna recreate this profile name on Twitter or use the one I created originally. I do know that it'll be easier to update it there and point my other social networking/blog sites towards Twitter than to update everywhere. The hashtag will be #DailyHaiku (duh).


Daily Haiku - 01/02/2009

A new beginning
Maybe a chance to redeem
Or just a new year?


Daily Haiku - 01/01/2009

Happy New Year's Eve
No next day hair of the dog
What a hangover

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